Nina is besides Personal Trainer also Sport Psychologist. Since her twentieth she loves sports and everything what has anything to do with physical activity. Among other things because she loves doing things where she can be present in the moment. She also felt quickly how much power and drive sport can give you on many aspects in life.

Next to her personal experiences, people have always interested her, what drives or motivates someone, how do people get in the way of themselves or how do you find balance in life. She chose to study psychology, a Bachelor Social Psychology and a Master Sport & Performance Psychology. She finished her master together with the AALO Personal Training.

Motivation is my strongest point and I love seeking for the best way to help someone. It feels like my mission to help people feel good, achieve goals and be healthy. You simply cannot ignore the fact that body and mind are strongly connected. I would love to show that physical activity can be fun for everyone and can always fit into your life. When people don’t achieve their goals, the reasons are mostly falling back into bad habits, wrong associations or thoughts. I would like to seek for the things you need help with, even if you don’t even know where to look for.

In this fast and busy world with a lot of stimulus you can get ahead of yourself quickly and it’s hard to listen to your body carefully and feel what your body needs. This can cause a rush and constant wanting to perform or cause freezing, whereby you have a need of learning how to activate yourself again. During my personal training sessions, you will get to know yourself; daring to hit the break when experiencing boundaries or just give a little extra. Training together guaranties fun and through accepting new challenges you will become mentally stronger. This will provide you of more energy on the long run instead of costing you energy! No quick fix but breaking patterns and learning new habits. Making lifestyle changes together or just train like a beast and achieve goals. Maybe you already found your motivation, but you just don’t know (yet) how to turn it into the right action or maintaining this. I would love to help you with that in my PT sessions!


Do you want to get to work with me and start working on your goals? Fill in the form on this page. Who knows, maybe we will be making your wishes come through together.