The Mokum DNA

It’s the way we talk, the way we walk, you simply can’t get around our Mokum DNA. We’re Jordaan supporters to the core. We pull you over that threshold, battle our way through the gym together, and celebrate your victories as our own.

Above all, we’re here for you.

Our mission

We believe in a gym where everyone feels at home and is encouraged to move and stay healthy. Therefore, our mission is to support everyone in the neighborhood to get moving, no matter their age, culture, or athletic ability. We do this by offering varied programs, good guidance, and personal tips on nutrition, exercise, and a healthy mindset. But most importantly by always welcoming you with open arms, here in the Jordaan.

Seen you soon in the Jordaan?

Our values

Some very important rules in our playbook:

  • Down to talk
    We’re always down for a good chat, a good laugh, and to help you out.
    Here, it’s always ‘gezellig’
  • On the move
    We’re always moving forward, pushing harder, and thinking bigger. Working together to get and keep our neighborhood healthy and in shape.
    Let’s go!
  • Loyalty
    We don’t mind going that extra mile for you.
    Loyalty is key
  • Transparancy
    We always keep our members in the loop of the latest developments as a club.
    We’re an open book.
  • Keep it close
    We are accessible, approachable, and keep it personal.
    Just around the corner.
  • Laidback
    We’re always down for a joke and always down to earth. We keep two feet on the ground.
    What’s life without a laugh?