To ensure that visits to our club are as pleasant, hygienic and safe as possible we have some house rules. Each visitor is obligated to follow these rules. We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation.  


The Consumer is obligated to report a medical contraindication for Fitness to the Business before using the facilities. It is not allowed to use machines or facilities that are unknown to you. Please inform an employee of Health Club Jordaan so they can provide instructions. Instructions given by employees need to be followed at all times.   

Access control

With each visit members of Health Club Jordaan have to check in at the front desk by swiping their club card at one of the card readers. When you do not have a club card (on you) access beyond the front desk area is only allowed with approval from one of our employees. If you lose the club card you will have to buy a replacing card for €5,-. You will not receive a refund when you find your original club card.

Access to group classes

Upon entry you will receive an activation email to create a personal Health Club Jordaan account. With the account you can book group classes 24 hours in advance or later via your internet browser or the Health Club Jordaan app (download from the “Play Store” or “App Store”). It is also possible to book a group class in person at the front desk. Please cancel the booking if you decide not to participate. Canceling is done the same way as booking.  

Participating in group classes and working out

When participating in group classes and during workouts you are obligated to follow the instructions of the trainers/instructors at all times. Trainers/instructors have the right to refuse or remove participants when they deem necessary. The right to participate expires when you are not present and ready at least 5 minutes before the class/training starts. It is not allowed to enter the training area after the class/training has started because it is disturbing and possibly unsafe. For the same reasons it is also not allowed to leave the training area before the class/training has ended, unless prior approval has been given by the trainers/instructors.  


Personal belongings must be stored in a locker. Other than a towel and closed drinking container no items are allowed in the training areas, unless kept on your person. Before leaving the club the locker must be emptied and left unlocked. Locked lockers will be opened at the end of the day and found items will be removed. If we removed your belongings from a locker you can collect them at the front desk. Items will only be stored by us for 1 week. Health Club Jordaan is not responsible for theft or damages to properties.

Clothing and shoes

Wearing clean, odorless sportswear is mandatory. So is wearing clean, closed sports shoes that do not leave marks on the floors and machines (with the exception of some group classes that are done bare foot such as yoga). Shoes that have been worn outside or that are not designed for training (flip flops, sandals et cetera) are not allowed. Each visitor has to wear appropriate sportswear during training. Tops and shirts without sleeves are allowed but only if they cover the chest, stomach, back and side of the body. Shorts are fine of course but they have to cover the butt and part of the upper legs. 


The use of a towel to cover the machines or floor is mandatory to prevent sweat stains. Throughout the club there are paper towel dispensers and desinfectant sprays. After use the machines and/or floor must be cleaned for the next user. Shaving, cutting nails and all other forms of grooming other than getting dressed, showering and drying off are not allowed.

Sauna & Wellness

  • Mixed changing room and facilities
  • Mobile phones and/or cameras are not allowed
  • Showering is mandatory before using the facilities for hygienic reasons
  • Use a towel to sit and/or lie on
  • Bathing suit is optional (must be clean!)
  • No shaving, trimming and/or cutting nails
  • The use of oils and cremes is not allowed
  • Shoes are not allowed but you can wear clean flip flops
  • Do not disturb the other visitors
  • Inappropriate comments or behaviors will not be tolerated!

Machines, training materials and guidance/personal training

After use clean and dry the machines, weights and materials for the next user. Loose materials and weights must be returned to their intended spot. Do not occupy the machines and/or materials longer than necessary. It is also not allowed to occupy multiple machines.

Beverages, foods and smoking

Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not allowed. Drinking and/or eating is only allowed at the main entrance and in the lounge (near the spinning studio). Water and sports drinks in closed containers not included. 

Cell phone

Making phone calls is only allowed at the main entrance or in the hallway across the changing rooms, but only if you do not disturb other visitors. Taking pictures or making videos is not allowed inside the club.

Camera surveillance

For your and our safety we use camera surveillance in parts of the building. To inform you of this we placed a sign at the front of the building where the entrance is. The camera surveillance is only intended to protect properties, visitors and employees. The footage will only be checked if there is a calamity. Only two employees have access to the system. It goes without saying that the cameras do not cover privacy sensitive areas such as changing rooms or the sauna area. Camera footage does not get stored longer than necessary or allowed. 

Children and pets

The minimum age for visiting the club is 12 years old. However, a parent must sign for the membership on behalf of their child. Children may not be left without parental supervision. Pets are not allowed with the exception of dogs. Dogs can only enter the front desk area if they are leashed and accompanied by their owner

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