Not getting the results you want? Then personal training might be the answer. Our knowledgeable and experienced trainers can offer you one-on-one guidance, support and attention. Many people struggle to reach their goals but with a trainer by your side you can actually achieve them. Whether it’s losing body fat or putting on muscle mass. Gains anyone?   

Each trainer has his/her own expertise and they’re all ready to help you become the best version of yourself. Check out our personal trainers below to see who is the right match for you and make it happen! 


Never a dull moment with personal training by Roel. He has been working in the health and fitness sector since 2000 and started as a personal trainer in 2003. With his years of experience he will make sure to challenge you during your workouts. He is passionate about strength training but in 2016 he started focussing on endurance (triathlons). In the meantime he has finished two quarter, two halve and a whole Iron man races! His broad knowledge and experience gives him the right tools to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.


Being physical active regularly is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. De trick is to find a way of movement which you like and which suits your body and situation. The beautiful thing of training in fitness are the endless varieties and possibilities. In my training the emphasis lies on the development of strength, but you will work on your endurance too. For me a good technique is really important and I will learn you all the functional movements.


A true power mom! This woman lives and breathes sports and health. Her enthusiasm and perseverance is contagious. Elles is already working at HCJ as a Personal Trainer since 2007 and loves her profession. Especially because of the fact that every hour is different, with a different client, a different goals and a different story. Elles will take all the time for you and will put all her effort in your case, really working together as a team.


I’m very passionate about helping others find happiness in life and feel good about themselves. I believe that when you FEEL GOOD, you excel in life.



For Jamal is Personal Training working together with the client, focusing on results working towards your goals and wishes. This does not end with training in our Health Club Jordaan. To achieve your goals there has to be a shift in lifestyle and nutrition. We will invest time together in supporting, reminding and encourage you to help achieve your goals, also outside the training sessions. By his diversity of clients from beginners to top athletes, Jamal can shift fast.



My name is Mike van Hoorn: personal trainer and certified dietician. Because of my broad knowledge you can be assured that you have the support of a professional. I am always up to date when it comes to scientific research regarding fitness and nutrition. By truly listening to you we can work together on achieving your personal goals in a fun way. My goal as a trainer is to make my clients helathier, stronger, more fit and just overall happier. I am looking forward to meeting you for an intake. 



Jeroen is already working 6 years at HCJ and since 2019 also as our fitness manager. Off course he being our fitness manager has a reason, because he is the best listener there is. He’s always calm but he will surprise you with his sharp comments.



Jesse has an interest in everything what has anything to do with sports and he can express this perfectly in his role as fitness instructor and Personal Trainer at HCJ. Two of his strong points are: his ability to adapt and the right balance between action and rest.

Mike Hogendoorn


Mike Hogendoorn has despite that he’s not working that long as a PT a lot of knowledge of strength training and gaining muscle mass. A.o. because of his years of experience as a fitness instructor and because of his interest and curiosity in the profession.



Nina is besides Personal Trainer also Sport Psychologist. Since her twentieth she loves sports and everything what has anything to do with physical activity. Among other things because she loves doing things where she can be present in the moment. She also felt quickly how much power and drive sport can give you on many aspects in life.



Raz is known for his positive energy. And with his experience in the French Foreign Legion 3REI, he knows how to get things done! He makes sure each PT session is customized and focused on goal achievement.

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