A true power mom! This woman lives and breathes sports and health. Her enthusiasm and perseverance is contagious. Elles is already working at HCJ as a Personal Trainer since 2007 and loves her profession. Especially because of the fact that every hour is different, with a different client, a different goals and a different story. Elles will take all the time for you and will put all her effort in your case, really working together as a team.
She is well educated and has a great variety of knowledge from a.o. weightlifting, kettlebell training till pre & postnatal pregnancy and pelvic floor training. She has an interest for rehabilitation and handling injuries. She has a hip prosthesis herself and knows all about handling reduced freedom of movement and building up slowly. As a real goal getter she loves goal oriented training. Next to the fact that she feels perfectly at home at HCJ and she is around a great deal of her time, she is also a mother of twins. So if you ever ask yourself how to handle everything at the same time in life you know who to contact!


Educations and certifications

  • McGill level 1 : Foundation for the pain-free back. The McGill methode.
  • McGill level 2 : Assessment: Converging on a precise diagnosis
  • Functional Coaching Chivo
  • Functional Pilates Chivo
  • Various clinics Chivo
  • Breathing therapist by Stans van de Poel.
  • Womans Health academy: WHA pregnancy and recovery training
  • Core academy Power mama: level 1 training and coaching during and after pregnancy.
  • Core academy Power mama: level 2 training and coaching during and after pregnancy in practice.
  • PHP Personal Hormonal Profiling. Nutrition. (Overload Worldwide)
  • Sports leader at CIOS
  • Olympic weightlifting from KNKF Tom Bruijnen.
  • Medical training AFN
  • Kettlebell (Overload Worldwide)
  • Clinic Glute Training. Perfect Performance Clinics
  • Clinic Deadlift. Perfect Performance Clinics
  • Clinic torso stiffness. Perfect Performance Clinics
  • Ido Portal The Corset
  • Big Ball Pilates. Debbie Jenner’s Pilates Company
  • Human Motion – Functional Movement Screen 1 en 2


  • Breathing therapy and stress coaching
  • Diastisis check
  • Trainen during and after pregnancy.
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Pilates
  • 12 point skin fold measurement (Overload Worldwide)

For more information you can also visit: www.personaltrainerelles.nl

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