Yin Yoga and Somatic Experiencing Workshop by Can Bora (2 hours)

In the beginning of this workshop, Can will provide some short theoretical knowledge about somatic experiencing by putting emphasis on the tension between the mind and the sensorial body. We'll answer the following questions: "How exactly do we process in life, how do we perceive our experiences?" Based on our own experience or on our own mental storytelling? This workshop is designed to show alternatives of “how can we truly live in our bodies”. For that reason, the somatic practices as tools of self-care and creativity which will be experienced during the workshop will help us to rebuild our “healthy individuality” with ourselves and with life. Following this, we will do a long yin yoga session to embody somatic experiencing more deeply to regain our self-intimacy, in other words, to strengthen the connection with our own resources. 


Can Bora:

Can is a somatic practitioner and yoga instructor, but also a Turkish theatre and dance maker, whose work is basically founded on the “felt-sense”. For more than ten years, he gives yoga teacher trainings in different cities such as Istanbul, Paris and Amsterdam. He sees yoga as an important tool for understanding and knowing oneself and unlocking all the hidden potential of the body. Along his journey, he worked with shamans and metaphysical masters, which brought him to offer transcendental and healing meditations where he guides participants into a pure state of being. Through his artistic practice and teachings, he always creates a space where he aims to bring aliveness into our physical bodies in a safe, joyful and challenging environment. 

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