Together we can beat corona

We’re excited to be open again and are looking forward to having you in our health club. Due to corona we have some basic rules and measures in place. If we all adhere to these rules we can keep exercising safe. No half measures! Just an example: upon entry you’ll receive your own disinfectant spray and cloth to clean the machines and materials before and after use. We also have elbow operated disinfectant stations throughout the club and at the entrance.

We stick to the “Protocol verantwoord sporten fitness“, created by fitness branch organization NL Actief in consultation with the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The class schedule is smaller than before and we have limited capacity to maintain the 1.5 meter distance rule. Fitness (open gym) and classes are based on reservation. Luckily we have a lot of space available with multiple studions.

The new normal

We cannot predict the future but it seems like things will not get back to normal anytime soon. We have to adjust as we go along, the goal always being to make exercising as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Health Club Jordaan 2021